Dental Health of Maplewood brings the latest technology, dental materials, and procedures to our patients. Our dentists and our team invest in the training that will enhance your dental experience. For instance, we administer Invisalign clear braces, Sapphire teeth whitening, and can place Mini Dental Implants for denture stabilization.

We also use intraoral cameras and chairside monitors to help up with case planning and presentation. A camera tour of your mouth on a chairside monitor will help you understand our findings and treatment recommendations. Our digital X-ray emits up to 90-percent less radiation than traditional radiographs, which improves your safety. Digital images can be sent to specialists or with insurance claims over the Internet for speedy record transfer.

Upon request, Dental Health of Maplewood can provide nitrous oxide, also called laughing gas, or mild oral sedation (medications to help patients relax.) We want your time with us to be rewarding, so please tell your dentist if you feel anxious or stressed about dental care.

If you have questions about the dental technology or anesthesia used at Dental Health of Maplewood, call us today! We serve patients from St. Paul, Minneapolis, and the surrounding suburbs with excellent clinical care and customer service.