When it comes to replacement teeth, Dental Health of Maplewood gives patients options. To replace a single tooth or a few teeth in a row, the doctors may suggest crown and bridgework or dental implants. However, if you have many missing teeth, dentures or partials may serve you best.

We offer traditional dentures and partials, as well as more esthetic options, comfortable solutions, and Mini Dental Implants. Our team will evaluate your unique situation, then recommend the best option to meet your goals.

Mini Dental Implants are small titanium screws usually placed without incision or sutures directly into your jaw. Our dentists can place Mini Dental Implants right here at Dental Health of Maplewood for your convenience. The tiny titanium posts extend above the gums to hold your denture or partial in place. Benefits include freedom from messy creams and adhesives, as well as a solid, reliable hold with smaller, less bulky denture bases.

Schedule your prosthetics consultation with us today, and start down the road to a full, gorgeous smile that functions well and restores your confidence in your appearance. Learn more about Mini Dental Implants in our patient library. Patients from St. Paul and Minneapolis trust Dental Health of Maplewood with their smiles, and so should you!