Regular Check-ups
Regular check-ups are an important tool in caring for your smile. As a part of your regular visit our hygienists will clean and remove soft and hard deposits from your teeth, check your gums and teeth and removes any tartar, stains or plaque. They will also take x-rays in needed.

During this visit, your dentist will perform a thorough examination of your teeth, gums and mouth to help identify any potential signs of disease or tooth decay. It’s our goal to help you maintain oral health and to identify potential problems before becoming serious.

Most of our patients prefer inconspicuous composite resin (white) fillings that blend seamlessly with their smile. However, we will cater to your needs if you prefer amalgam/silver. At Dental Health of Maplewood, we will always be as conservative as possible in placing your fillings. This means that we will retain as much natural tooth structure as we can, while creating a filling of integrity that will last for years.

If you have a tooth ache or cavity, you may need a dental filling. Call Dental Health of Maplewood to schedule a checkup for you or your loved ones, and one of our dentists will check each of your teeth for areas of decay, demineralization, or problematic existing dental work. We want to help you enjoy a healthy, comfortable, gorgeous smile.

Our patients hail from across Saint Paul and its suburbs, including White Bear Lake, North Saint Paul, Oakdale, and even Minneapolis. We look forward to helping you and your loved ones achieve optimal oral health.

A dental crown restores function, integrity, and shape to a significantly damaged tooth. Extensive decay, large, old fillings, and cracks are problems that a crown may rectify. At Dental Health of Maplewood, Dr. Wallin, Dr. Haglund, and Dr. Yee-Yick place crowns made of esthetic porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, or metal. We also place Empress crown, a trusted name in cosmetic dental crowns.

Crown placement includes two appointments. At your first visit, the dentist will take a mold of your mouth, prepare your tooth for the crown, and attach a temporary crown. The mold will be sent to a dental lab where a technician creates your custom crown, made with precision to fit snugly on your remaining tooth. When the crown arrives from the lab, you’ll come in for crown placement. Learn more about crowns in our patient library.

If you need a crown or a check up to determine the source of tooth pain, call to schedule an exam with one of the dentists. Our conveniently located office serves patients from North Saint Paul, White Bear Lake, Oakdale, Minneapolis, and the greater St. Paul area.

Missing teeth can destroy your smile, and as a result, your confidence can plummet. Reclaim your naturally beautiful smile with an esthetic crown and bridge system. We work with labs to create comfortable, long lasting bridgework for a seamless smile.

A bridge replaces one or more teeth in a row. The replacement teeth are affixed to abutment crowns, which one of our dentists will place on the teeth on either side of your gap. A bridge can be fixed or removable, and we can help determine the best option for your lifestyle. We may suggest implant supported bridgework for a secure fit that does not require abutment crowns.

Don’t live with missing teeth! Call to schedule a prosthetics consultation with Dr. Wallin, Dr. Haglund, or Dr. Yee-Yick today. Our office serves patients in Saint Paul, Minneapolis, White Bear Lake, North Saint Paul, and Oakdale. Learn more about bridges in our patient library.

Full Mouth Reconstruction
Don’t give up on your smile. Even if you need complex restorations, your smile can be restored to full beauty, function, and health. We offer full mouth reconstruction, a custom treatment plan designed to address all of your dental needs in a phased treatment plan. We can help you with low-interest or long-term financing through CareCredit if needed.

Your full mouth reconstruction will include an initial comprehensive exam, consultation, and case presentation to ensure that you understand your options for care. We will help you with all aspects of the process, from scheduling to financing to sedation options. Our goal is your spectacular smile!

If you have complex dental problems and live in the Twin Cities, including North St. Paul, White Bear Lake, Oakdale, call Dental Health of Maplewood to schedule your appointment.

Now you can enjoy a straight, gorgeous smile without the immature image that comes with traditional metal braces. We are certified to administer Invisalign clear braces for adults and teens. Not only is Invisalign inconspicuous, but the aligners are easily removable. Simply take your aligner out for special occasions or to clean your teeth.

Three-D technology and advanced medical plastics are key components in the Invisalign system. Dr. Haglund will take impressions of your teeth, then the Invisalign lab will create your custom set of aligners. You’ll wear a new aligner every two weeks, and over the course of treatment, your teeth will move into desired alignment. Treatment usually takes only 4 to 12 months. You’ll enjoy a new smile without compromising your image!

For more information about Invisalign, visit our patient library. Then call Dental Health of Maplewood to schedule your consultation. Our conveniently located office serves patients from Bear Creek, North St. Paul, St. Paul, and Minneapolis. We look forward to aligning your smile and realigning your confidence!

Extractions & Root Canals
When at tooth is irreparably damaged, it may require a root canal or extraction. Dr. Wallin, Dr. Haglund, and Dr. Yee-Yick and our dental team can help you determine which option is best for your overall oral health.

A root canal is an endodontic procedure that involves removing damaged pulp from within the tooth. We replace the extracted pulp with a manmade substance to deter the risk of infection. If a root canal can save your tooth, we will recommend it as a conservative procedure to maintain your bite and the appearance of your smile. However, when a root canal will not help, a tooth may require extraction.

At Dental Health of Maplewood, we prioritize patient comfort. Should you require a root canal or extraction, we will use mild oral sedation to keep you comfortable and relieve any anxiety you may experience. Modern technology and medicine make root canals and extractions just another dental procedure. They are no longer feared as painful or stressful. You can learn more about root canals in our patient library.

If you have been told that you need a tooth extraction or root canal, it won’t hurt to get a second opinion. Call Dental Health of Maplewood to schedule a consultation. We have helped patients across the Twin Cities, including Saint Paul, North Saint Paul, White Bear Lake, and Oakdale enjoy restored oral health with root canals and extractions.